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Fall 2020 Sports Leagues and Pricing

Smoky Mountain Social Fall League Registrations is open. Season starts the week of October 11th and end the week of November 15th. We have added Sunday 3v3 soccer and Friday Coed Woodbat league.

Smoky Mountain Social Fall League Registrations are out! We have added Sunday 3v3 soccer and Friday Coed Woodbat league.

Thank you to our Smoky Mountain Social Family for being patient while we transitioned ownership in 2020, battled with CoVid and continue to work out some kinks. CoVid has affected everyone is some form or another and as a family owned small business we understand how times are tough. With “life” in mind, please enjoy our new league pricing.


Free agents or individual registrations $35

All other leagues 

Free agents or individual registrations $40.

Contact for team pricing and corporate sponsorships.

Thank you for all your support as a social league, community and second family.

SMS Staff


Q:  Where are the games held for SMS?

A:  For the Fall season, all games will be held at TriStar Park. The address to the park is 4901 Ball Camp Pike, gate entrance #1.  

Q:  I've signed up for Sports Engine and SMS, why is my app not showing my team?

A:  After registering it takes roughly 24-48 hours for the app to populate.  

Q:  Why do I have to register twice to sign up for a league?

A:  To be able to use our awesome mobile features, each player must register for their league, as well as register for the mobile app.  Those that register for the mobile app will also still need to register for their season to be able to play.

Q:  How much is it to play at SMS?

A:  Volleyball is $35. All other sports are $40.  We also offer corporate sponsors.

Q:  Can I register as a free agent?

A:  Absolutely!  Simply go the registration page, and sign up as a free agent.  From that point, we will place you on a team and you can message your teammates in app!

Q:  Are substitute players allowed?

A:  Once again, absolutely!  Substitute player rules are outlined in each league rules. We will also be discussing our substitute player program in our coaches' meeting for clarification. Please check our social media pages or contact SMS ( for more information!

Q:  Can my team wear our own shirts?

A:  With SMS participating on Badgett Fields at TriStar Park while other leagues and events are going on, we would like for everyone to wear their SMS shirts during league play.  SMS shirts are provided with individual and free agent registration. This will help us identify SMS participants at the park.

Q:  Can my team chose to wear uniforms?

We understand that some teams have their own way to rock a uniform.  For those teams that so choose, we do offer discounted rates for opportunities to wear custom uniforms with SMS approval. For those interested, please contact SMS (, and we will work with you!

Q:  Does TriStar park allow outside alcohol or food?

While TriStar Park is a private park, alcohol is allowed with STRICT limitations. Absolutely NO GLASS or HARD LIQUOR. Beer must be in identifiable cans.  Participating SMS players partaking of beer consumption are responsible for their actions and proper dispose of their drinks. ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERAGE DRINKING IS PERMITTED, VIOLATORS WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED FROM THE PARK FOR FUTURE PLAY. If you have had too much to drink, please contact your league commissioner or SMS staff for assistance in getting you home safely. 

Q:  With concerns growing around CoVid, is it safe for me and my family to attend SMS games at TriStar Park?

A:  We absolutely understand your concerns as these are different times we live in! While your attendance to events is based on what you are comfortable with, the SMS staff and TriStar Park staff follow strict disinfecting policies. The bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Highly touched surfaces in and around the fields/dugouts are disinfected before the league starts. Captains are instructed to clean their location and disinfect the surface areas after their game. If you notice any areas of concerns, please contact your SMS league commissioner or TriStar Park staff.

Where do I go for information on our league play, field conditions or cancellations?

SMS has several forms of communication that is used to keep you updated with the latest news and information.

SMS FB - smokymountainsocial
Park FB - tristarpark@badgettfieldrentalandeventpage

For league play, we also share our communication in the captain's group message and through league emails.


Smoky Mountain Social is now offering new sports to add a twist and different games to play! You can join us in 3v3 soccer offered on Sundays and/or a Friday Softball league where you are swinging woodbats!!


Interested in making some extra money while being part of a fun sports league? We are hiring in the concessions, the field crew and youth/adult league commissioning and refereeing.  

Email us:
Facebook Message us: Smokymountainsocial


Interested in hosting a practice, tournament, or special event at Badgett Park?

Facebook page : tristarbadgettknox

Email us:

Call: (702)379-7338 

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