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Please use this link to invite players to join your Smoky Mountain Social team!

SMS Merchandise Store Now Open

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Registration for our WINTER 2019 sports is NOW OPEN.  



Winter Registrations Now Open

Welcome To Smoky Mountain Social

Smoky Mountain Social

Welcome to Smoky Mountain Social!  Founded in 2018, Smoky Mountain Social is an adult recreational sports league that provides multiple sports in a Co-Ed setting.  At Smoky Mountain Social, we pride ourselves in providing a fun and inviting atmosphere of good sportsmanship.  Through our SMS Cares program Smoky Mountain Social provides outreach opportunities through fundraising initiatives, portion of proceeds donation, and community outreach programs.  

Smoky Mountain Social

Game On For a Better Knoxville

HoundDogs TriStar Competitive Kickball Championship

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Main Event TriStar Social Kickball Championship Sponsor


Q:  I've signed up for Sports Engine and SMS, why is my app not showing my team?

A:  After registering it takes roughly 24 hours for the app to populate.  

Q:  Why do I have to register twice to sign up for a league?

A:  To be able to use our awesome mobile features, each player must register for their league, as well as register for the mobile app.  Those that register for the mobile app will also still need to register for their season to be able to play.

Q:  How much is it to play at SMS?

A:  Every season is a $55 flat rate.  We also offer multiple payment options, such as deferred payment and multiple season offerings.

Q:  Can I register as a free agent?

A:  Absolutely!  Simply go the registration page, and sign up as a free agent.  From that point, we will place you on a team and you can message your teammates in app!

Q:  Are substitute players allowed?

A:  Once again, absolutely!  We will be rolling out our substitute player program in January.  Please check back at that time, check our social media pages, or contact SMS to find out more!

Q:  Can my team wear our own shirts?

A:  While we would like for everyone to wear their SMS shirts as much as possible, we understand that some teams have their own way to rock a uniform.  For those teams that so choose, we do offer opportunities to wear custom uniforms.  For those interested, please contact SMS, and we will work with you!


Ale Rae Grill Hours

Ale Rae Grill Hours:

Tuesdays 5pm - 10pm

Thursdays 5pm - 10pm

Sundays 11am - 8pm

Player Satisfaction and Comment Survey

All, if you have any complaints, comments, ideas, or any input that you would like Smoky Mountain Social to consider going forward, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey as you see fit. We will be leaving this up all year round, and hope that we can take your requests, ideas, or complaints and make Smoky Mountain Social the best possible social league for each and every one of you! Thank you so much for being a part of the SMS community!

Countdown to 2019 Fall Season


Justin Fields

Smoky Mountain Social